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One word describes your work and designs – FANTASTIC!

We had a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath house that we outgrew
some time ago.  My wife and I knew it was time to expand
as sharing bedrooms and a bathroom with 3 children was starting to wear on everybody. We knew absolutely nothing about the costs and all the work involved with planning a remodel and addition. Fortunately, we found yo
u!  We now have a beautiful, 3 bedroom, 3 bath home.  Your creativity and perfectionism with every little detail are outstanding.  Your plans for our house exceeded our wildest expectations and you accomplished everything by staying within our budget. You even helped me find a contractor!  Everyone who now comes to our house marvels at the before and after.  My wife and I will be forever grateful! We will always recommend you to anyone that is considering any kind of remodel or addition.

- Guy & Judy Stanley

I always hoped that one day I would have my dream house.  Now, I no longer have to dream thanks to Greg Ybarra.  You made my dreams reality by incorporating details into my home that I never thought of and now can't live without, turning my little cottage into a beautiful new 2-story Tudor home.  You listened to me to find out what I wanted, worked with me throughout the entire process and then gave me more than I ever dreamt possible.  If you ever need to build a new home or add to your existing one, I highly recommend Greg to make your dreams come true.

- Victoria M. Ribbs